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8MIL Clear Polyethylene Encasements

Our Polywrap is made from 100% virgin polyethylene resins with UV protection. It is gauged to 8.5MIL (0.0085") to maintain the minimum of 8MIL (0.008") as required by the ANSI/AWWA C105/A21.5 Standard. The material is available in perforated lengths of 20' and 22' for easy tear off and no waste at roll ends while on the job site.

As with all protection methods, proper installation is vital to the success of the Polywrap. Care needs to be used when installing this item so it is not damaged. If part of the wrap is damaged, repair it with tape if possible. Please contact our staff with any additional questions about this product or how to install it.

Physical Properties of Finished Films

Test                                   AWWA C105/A21.5 Min. Req.         AA Threads Film

Tensile Strength             3600 psi (ASTM D882)                      MD- 4595 psi
                                           MD & TD                                              TD-  4410 psi

Elongation                       800% min. (ASTM D882)                   MD- 1073%
                                           MD & TD                                              TD-  1126%

Dielectric Strength        800V/MIL (ASTM D149)                     1946 V/MIL

Impact Resistance         600 grams (ASTM D1709)                 1189 grams

Tear Resistance              2550 grams force (ASTM D1922)    MD- 4462 g/f

Thickness                         8MIL (0.008")                                      8.5MIL (0.0085")


8MIL Clear LLDPE Polywrap Pipe Sleeves

Item#                  Pipe Diam.      Size                                  Weight/Roll
3" - 8"
10" - 14"​
20" x 440' / 22' Perf
30" x 220' / 22' Perf
63 lbs.
47 lbs.